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References & Testimonials

SEOshop ecomparoEvery online merchant has individual requirements to the best fitting shopping cart. To get a complete view of the market is difficult if not impossible - especially for industry newcomers.

The ecomparo shopping cart comparison criteria are so detailed and comprehensive that merchants will cover certainly all areas that are important to them by filling out the questionnaire.

The result takes the requirements of each online merchant into account - quickly and without extensive in-house research. 

SEOshop | Bertram Welink, Marketing Manager




shopcloud Shopsoftware auf ecomparoThere are almost as many business concepts as there are online stores and of course everyone has different needs accordingly. Who makes a sound selection for the right shopping cart, probably reaches quickly its limits. While there are many comparison websites, but mostly functions are compared, which provides the bulk of the dealer for granted. But locating the one decisive criterion takes a lot of time.


We are of the opinion that not only much time and money can be saved by the decision basis of ecomparo. The time to market can be shortened exorbitant and also risks of a wrong decision can be minimized.

We have received many requests from shop owners who have outgrown of their structures within a very short time and thus have to move their onlinestores. Through expert advice relocation costs and risks would have been avoidable in most cases.

 Shopcloud.io | Volker Schukai, CEO




deko-michWe invested in two individual counseling days in addition to the ecomparo Project plan to keep the corporate effort of exploring the shopping cart market as low as possible. Through the expert advice and practical knowledge of the consultants paired with their observation of current trends, we managed to make strategically optimal decisions without any research effort by regarding our individual needs.

The Surprising outcome: We did not know the final shopping cart solution before and had overlooked it without ecomparo most likely. Besides, we also save long term costs.

We can therefore highly recommend the advice from ecomparo.

DekoMich GmbH | Gunther Lukas, CEO




Powergap Logo ecomparoBut what really troublesome is for an online merchant the way to find the right ecommerce software. Usually multiple software packages to manage an online store are necessary. An inventory management/ order processing tool internally and a powerful shopping cart for the frontend. Added to this comes mail software, possibly accounting software, etc.. When we approached ecomparo and there just heard about the growing possibilities of a comparison of shopping carts, we loved it. Objectively and precisely directed to provide a shortlist to merchants, that was missing in the market. The consultations agencies are always confined to their own favorite systems, which is a clear disadvantage for the single merchant.

In addition, there are many different systems that can never match "any" merchants need. A needs assessment is a must. We hope that ecomparo soon takes on an important role. We particularly liked the phrase "in the near future required or optional features are often overlooked."

To really develop its trading success, you need software that covers more than just basics, if you do not want to start cart migrations again and again. We always say "no fear of sophisticated systems in which the merchant is able to grow.

Powergap AGRobert Zajonz, Chairman

 Robert Zajonz Powergap ecomparo