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Ipilium Onlineshop UG

Here at Ipilum we focus mainly on the development of our modular Ipilum Shopsystem, which we have been optimizing since 15 years now. In addition to that we also offer webdesign, solutions and hosting services.
If you bought our shopshoftware you will get the unique advantage of getting all the things you need to run and customize your software from a single source. Just imagine if you had the wish to change the optics on some parts of your website, you would only need to call us and, because we know what our customers and because we know you, we will be able to find the perfect solutions quickly and without problems.

From uploading products to logistics and payment methods, all the processes are linked smartly and run efficiently. We can offer you lots of interefaces to price-comparison platforms, marketplaces, payment providers and much more.

Through the accessible and modular concept of the Ipilum Shopsystem it will be easy for you to get changes done by your own personal or external technicians.

A big number of automated work processes will make you life so much easier. It´s also possible to use our system without a webshop e.g. as a connerctor between ERP-systems and platforms like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten etc.


Link: ipilum.com