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New approach to select a shopping cart

A New Approach

By using our shopping cart comparison, you automatically use a new approach to solve issues of selecting a shopping cart that saves you time and money while providing surprising additional benefit.

Comparison of Approaches


Procedure till now
New Approach
Often underestimated , time-consuming definition of required cart features Immediately start comparing without preliminary work at the "Define needed features" page.
Detailed specifications for implementing necessary
A single Selection Page, where you can overlook , select and filter all existing functions and interfaces.
Planning of cart concept with little previous knowledge is very complex.Even with no prior knowledge a systematic, purposeful start into the cart definition process is possible.
Optional features or features needed in the near future are often overlooked .Don't forget any meaningful sales features and be inform casually about unknown and optional shopping cart services.

Start Comparing Now


By using ecomparo you automatically avoid to define cart features that ...

  • are already included in almost every shop solutions (standard features).
  • do not fit in your aspired, one-time or monthly cost budget (expensive special features).
  • are not economically feasible and therefore are not supported from any cart vendor. (For this, there is a reason.)


By using the ecomparo shopping cart comparison, you automatically avoid that you forget shop functionality, that ...

  • must be developed manually by service providers or internal employees and are thus expensive.
  • you absolutely need (ERP connectivity, etc.), but in later stages.
  • when missing, prevent an unchecked growth due to lack of automation (automatic invoicing , etc.) or make it unnecessarily expensive.
  • whose work you have to do manually at a later time in the various e-commerce processes.