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Target Groups

ecomparo shopping cart comparison is designed for the following user groups

Added value for all user groups

ecomparo enables users of all sizes of companies and industries, regardless of their level of knowledge, to perform a variety of comparison and research inquires. Besides advantages for all users, within the menu items on the left side you will find specific benefits for your respective initial situation.

  • Incipient online retailer
  • Marketplace sellers
  • Growing businesses
  • Strong sales companies
  • Manufacturers with direct sales
  • Stationary trade
  • Web Agencies

ecomparo target groups

Correct decision by the use of ecomparo

ecomparo allows you to select an individual fitting shopping cart software in order to start your sales activities. For the success of your online store it is crucial to make the right long-term decision and to take into account all the necessary cart criteria because a subsequent change of the cart provider in most cases is technically very complex and thus expensive and time-consuming.


The shopping cart comparison supports you in particular at the following initial problems:
  • Lack of knowledge about differences in existing store types
  • No Overview of the shopping cart market
  • Lack of know-how about the variety of criteria for need-based shopping cart selection
  • Limited budget for the analysis of your individual starting position (range of articles , article numbers , resale value, expected turnover, etc. )

When you entrust the design and realization of your store to a service provider, you should indicate ecomparo so that the provider selects the shopping cart according to your needs.

Is your cart software still the most fitting solution?

Months or years ago you have selected an online sales solution for your company (marketplace, Rental- or purchase shopping cart). Therefore, it is most likely due to the complexity of the shopping cart market and due to constant tariff revisions that ...


  • You have not chosen the best fitting shopping cart system at that time, or
  • now there ist an alternative cart software that meets your individual requirements much better, or
  • you get the same or even enhanced onlinestore functionality by switching to a more suitable cart provider with simultanious better price-performance ratio and substantial savings in charges, or
  •  an alternative shopping cart tariff within in the same price range offers more extensive shop features


ecomparo enables you through the shopping cart comparison, a review of the cost-price-performance ratio of your current cart solution and shows you cart software alternatives. Additionally, you can drop the information obtained through our comparison within in price negotiations with your current shopping cart provider.

Know-how divergence between retailers and service providers

Even if you do not perform the design or implementation of your e-commerce project yourself and hand it over to a (full-service) Webdesign agency, an ecommerce consulting company or directly to a enterprise shopping cart provider, for you eg as decision maker of strategic e-commerce orientation of your company, the ecomparo provides the following advantages:

  • A reduction of the know-how divergence between retailers and web agencies with respect to the planning, implementation and maintenance of ecommerce software/ projects
  • By using our comparison you can review recommendations and statements of agencies easier without having to trust them blindly.
  • Point out the ecomparo comparision service to agencies so that they should consider all and not only their "standard cart system" for you.
  • Many shop features that had to be programmed project-specific and time consuming in the past (eg, multi-channel functionality), are increasingly seen as already implemented functions in modular ecommerce software solutions

In concept , contract and budget calls You can thus bring in knowledge on tariffs with similar function peripheries.

Direct sales of own products has never been easier

If you, as a manufacturer or importer, would like to sell your products directly via the Internet to your customers around the world in addition to your existing distribution channels, you can consider the respecitve criteria in the ecomparo comparison:

  • Depending on the volume of sales you can, for example, exclude commission based shop solutions.
  • Filter the shopsoftware market by basic charges-free tariffs by which you can test the market potential cheaply and quickly.
  • Find shopping carts which are compatible to your existing ERP system and other interfaces.
  • Consider other necessary connections of logistics software and shipping service to your new shopping cart system.

Special requirements of the local sales to online shop systems

Never was the sale of your products through the additional distribution channel "Internet" easier. However, to savor all the automation potentials of your webshop, a holistic view of your onlinestore design is necessary.


In the shopping cart comparison, you can filter the database for carts that meet your specific requirements with respect to a stationary sales channel connection:
  • Multichannel capability (online and offline sales)
  • Local POS system connection
  • Consistent inventory by simultaneous online and offline sales (automatic updates)
  • Support different prices for each sales channel
  • Low cost market survey of more than 200 cart tariffs with detailed information about charges

Less effort - More Benefits

Your customers want a comprehensive ecommerce store solution that contains a number of specific requirements. Through our cart comparison you filter rapidly and completely all cart solutions suitable for a specific project.


With an account you can offer your customers the following benefits:
  • Consideration of more than 170 different shopping cart tarrifs to choose the optimal matching cart for your customers
  • Realization of special-feature desires of your customers through the use of existing cart modules instead of individual software adjustments with up-to-date problems
  • Quick recommendation of one or more possible shopping cartsStore
  • More favorable offer price possible due to a resource-friendly offering creation process (competitive advantage)
  • Detailed comparisons to be made of various cart criteria as competitive advantage

Growth means change and transformation

If your currently used cart tariff does not include certain features, a custom shop adjustment is only possible under uneconomic high cost or the existing tariff options are prohibitively expensive, then in any case a comparison of the currently available shopping carts on the market is worthwhile. In addition to the high cost cutting potential our cart comparison offers specific benefits for growing businesses.


The following aspects can be clarified in the shopping cart comparison:


  • Create transparency about the costs of possible alternative ecommerce solutions.
  • Consider power reserves for future expansion of your online sales channel.
  • Consider any later used to come shop functions.
  • Compare cart tariffs from full-service shop providers with tariffs, their limited basic functionality can be expanded through third party PLUG-IN's.



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