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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The ecomparo principles:



Identify the optimum for your ecommerce solution in an amount of about 160 shopping cart tariffs MORE

time savingTransparency

Compare for yourself in detail and do not trust blindly on recommendations MORE

uptodate databaseIndividuality

Each Onlineshop is different. The ecomparo comparison reacts to that fact. 


Below we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).


General Questions

The ecomparo cart comparison was developed to bring transparency and clarity into the market of shopping cart software to provide a fast, yet systematic and complete comparison of all shopping cart providers. This empowers you to select the individual best fitting cart without having to blindly trust the advice of an agency. Overview of benefits

ecomparo is the most comprehensive shop system registry. For this reason ecomparo has a relatively broad audience - and can be profitably used by all ecommerce businesses. The comparability of free or low-cost solutions with big enterprise solutions always aims at making the existing differences more apparent, dependent on the features that are relevant to you. In addition to the comparability, the identification of best, project-specific ecommerce solution is in the foreground.

Only through commission-free advice and comparisons an independent and comprehensive market overview is guaranteed in the long-term.

Many ecommerce consultants and brokers advertise a "free" advice, but is financed by commissions with brokered contracts with agencies or shop vendors. The conflict of interest between the best possible advice and "high commission" is evident. Cheap or free (open source) cart solutions, service providers and agencies who are not willing to pay these fees are therefore rarely recommended. Moreover, agencies and service providers give the broker commission in the form of rising prices on to you anyway. No matter which agency you select to fulfill the implementation of your online store, we do not limit ourselves to a handful of agencies with which commissions were negotiated.

We also offer individual advice and can give you practical and independent recommendations for action, without standing in a conflict of interest by commission payments. Learn more.

We DO NOT share your information with cart providers or agencies. So you do not run a risk of unwanted advertisment, mails or calls. In accordance with the ecomparo principles you alone decide which car providers or agencies you want to contact.

If you want to use the ecomparo comparison as a private citizen, please send us an email via our contact form.


Questions about ordering process and payment

To start with your cart comparison immediately, you can obtain an instant access and pay online. You will receive your login information automatically via email. Alternatively, a purchase on account is possible (on the same page at the bottom). After validating your registration, you will receive your login information via email.
We offer all popular payment options. Since they are constantly expanded, you can find all currently available payment methods on the signup-page.
Der Shopsystemvergleich von ecomparo ist eine hochkomplexe Datenbankanwendung, bei welcher aus Performance-Gründen aktuell kein https eingesetzt wird. Ihr Zahlungsvorgang (via Paypal oder Rechnung) ist jedoch separat gesichert.
You should automatically receive an email to complete the payment process. Therefore please check your email inbox and spam folder (because of false spam recognition). If you don't receive an email within 2 hours, please contact our support. Our team will get back to you.
Yes!. You can - next to the instant-access - order access on account, which is validated within less than 24 hours.
The VAT is displayed on our invoices for customers from Germany. Companies from within EU countries receive a tax-free invoice when delivering a proof of entrepreneurial activities (tax identification number).


Questions about access/ account

You can log in at any page in the top right corner by clicking on "LOGIN". When you are you logged in there is the menu item "Log out" at the same spot. Click this to exit your personal area.
If you want to set a new password, you can modify it under the My-Account page. Just click on the Account Page on "Change Password". You have to enter your new password twice (at the bottom of this page) and click on "Save changes" afterwards. Your new password is now valid immidiately.
Simply click "LOGIN" on the top right corner and then click "forgot password" on the appearing logon window. Then enter your username or your email address and a new password will be sent by email right away. Therefore please check your email inbox and spam folder if necessary.
The remaining term of your account can be displayed on the "My-Account" page at the "information about your current plan"-section. You also have the option to extend the term of your account.
This menu item is located on the top right corner, once you are logged in. To log in, click "LOGIN" on the top right corner and enter your login information that you received via email.
Yes, an extension of your term is possible at the "my account" page.
Yes it is. The remaining access term is added by extending your access.
Log in as usual with your access data. In your account, you have the option to reactivate your comparison possibilities by purchasing an "extension" of your access.
You must not do anything because your access is not renewed automatically. If you want to delete your account completely, you may contact us by email, fax or contact form.


Questions for comparison

Yes, a detailed instruction and a short tutorial video will bring you closer to the possibilities of ecomparo.


The quick comparison includes the elementary shopping cart criteria and is therefore suited well for beginners. The extensive comparison however contains all shopping cart criteria and thus allows very detailed comparisons. Criteria of the complete comparison are marked with "complete". The category and group overview is also providing an additional overview of the classification of criteria in "fast" and "complete".
Yes, your chosen criteria are automatically saved and are available after logging in again. To clear the selection, click the "Reset Selected"-Button. You also can search for specific criteria.
Yes, the result opens in a new browser tab. To change the selected criteria, simply switch to the previous tab, adjust the criteria according to your wishes and click again "Show Result".
We have optimized the ecomparo result view for the direct visual presentation in meetings. In addition to the screenability for "performance level" of your selected requirements, you can sort the displayed shopping cart plans by any criteria (ascending or descending). Also hiding individual or several cart plans is possible by marking the respective lines by pressing (Crtl or Ctrl + Shift) and a followed right-click. You thus can perform a detailed visual comparison of your favorites cart plans by hiding shopping carts and plans which are not relevent to you.


Your question is not answered? Then we are happy to explain ecomparo personally to you.