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All advantages at a glance


Avoid wrong decisions - minimize subsequent costs - identify best value More


Perform individual comparisons within minutes More

Up to date data baseUp to date data base

Up to date data base | Software-as-a-Service concept More

Market ReviewMarket Review

ecomparo brings overview into the untransparent ecommerce software market More

Decision SafetyDecision Safety

Definition detailled shop functions - avoid expensive mistakes More

Individual RequirementsIndividual Requirements

The "best" shopping cart software does not exist More

Consider interfacesConsider interfaces

Great importance of interfaces, potential for automation, ERP Systems More

Initial consultingInitial consulting

Depending on what access you choose , you will receive a free initial consultation. More

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Avoid unnecessarily expensive Shop systems

Selling goods or services via ecommerce stores costs money as every distribution channel. Through the close examination of the costs there is a great potential for longterm savings.
Our ecommerce software comparison supports your research process and ensures the following points:

Bestp price-performance ratio

As mentioned under Overview the lack of transparency of the shopping cart market leads to a great spread of initial and current costs per tariff. Only by a systematic comparison of the benefits and costs you can choose the plan with the best price - performance ratio - based on your needs – and take into account all the advantages of the respective shop system solution .

Avoid wrong decisions

By using our comparison you detect easily and quickly any hidden costs and can identify plans with insufficient functionality avoid the threats of a bad decision for a unnecessarily expensive shopping cart system. In addition, you can make a strategic approach by regarding features which will probably become necessary in the future in order to choose the appropriate cart solution .

Optimize current costs

There are different one-time, recurring, fixed and variable costs of running an Onlineshop, e.g. basic charges, sales commissions or payment fees. Through a profound comparison you can identify cost drivers of relevant shopping cart software and obtain a transparent presentation of the results for each type of costs. For example, you can recognize quickly plans, which at a first glance seem to be low priced but are outstanding expensive using different charging tricks.

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Don’t lose time choosing the right shopping cart system

The sophisticated Filter and Comparison features of the Shopping cart comparison enable you to find the ecommerce solution which fits your needs perfectly out of more than 160 cart tariffs within minutes , by providing individual benchmarking.

In order to select the appropriate shopping cart tariff, you need a meaningful basis for decision to capture all the benefits of a particular solution. So far the creation of such a basis failed due to the following problems:

  • Even extensive Online searches do not provide a completeness of all existing cart providers.
  • A comparison based on a confusing number of open browser tabs is not systematically feasible due to the large number of shop prices.
  • Even the opposition of a few tariff data sheets is because of different formats and different levels of detail to last for long.

The research Procedure - A Comparison:

The following table explains why you save much time with our shopping cart comparison.

 Until nowWith ecomparo
OUTCOME- Incomplete comparison
- High time exposure
- High cost
- Comprehensive Comparison
- Less time is required
- Minimal charges
ResourcesComplex search engine searches and unsatisfactory resultsThe ecommerce software comparison as a central information and comparison platform
Largely outdated reviews
Usually only a few cart tariffs in direct comparison
Often incomplete data sheets with different levels of detail
Often manual and time-consuming inquiries by phone or email necessary

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Up-to-date data basis

Always up-to-date with ecomparo

If you use our ecommerce software comparision, you have the security to compare all plans by continuously updated data. For example, after three months a re-executed, but identical comparison can lead to a different result. Specifically, for this reason , we also offer long-term comparison plans to support the sustainable validity of your results, e.g. for consultants. For this reason, we take care of updating the features and other cart data so you can use ecomparo as a convenient Software-as -a-Service product.

Save yourself the hassle and expense of researching shopping cart provider information in aging information resources such as blog articles, e-books or test reports. Their contents are merely snapshots and have only a very limited value regarding all currently existing shopping carts. Especially universal recommendations in blog articles that are dealing with the comparison of a small number of cart software shop systems are outdated already by small but crucial changes in detail. For this reason our Shopping cart comparison is designed as a database application that provides quick updates with up-to-date comparison views.

Speed advantages of the software-as-a-service-concept:

  • Database update with new shopping cart providers
  • Database update with new shopping cart plans
  • Database update with additional criteria
  • Database update with changes performance and pricing of single shopping cart tariffs
  • Current special offers of shopping cart providers directly in the results view
  • Other future comparison functions also up to date

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Market Review

By Market Overview to suitable Shopping Cart System

The market of shopping cart providers is non-transparent. This is mainly due to a non-existent comparison possibility of the services and prices of the providers. Due to the heterogeneity of different cart solutions - from small open source solutions to large-scale e-commerce suites – huge, not to survey data volumes and details prevent a holistic, manual comparison even by large time commitments.

The ecomparo Shopsoftware-comparison is the ideal software tool for the displacement of incomplete, manual shopping cart comparisons. Despite the large number of data you can specifically answer your questions in detail. Likewise, new or previously unknown shop solutions are included in your inquiries and comparisons, so you achieve a comprehensive result of research and don’t have to compromise identifying your suitable shop solution.

As most of the shopping cart providers offer their services in various plans, ecomparo includes several plans of each cart provider.

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Maximize decision safety

 Maximize safety decision

The choice, set up and use of a shopping cart system is normaly a decision of a strategic nature . A necessary move of an online store to another or new cart provider is always challenging, more or less complex and costly. Therefore, when moving or setting up a store all possible solutions should be considered to select the appropriate target-shopping cart solution.

Define future shop functions

To avoid the risk of a wrong decision by choosing the incongruous shopping cart, you should define further useful shop functions at an early stage, even if their priority based implementation is planned in later stages of the store development . The requirements, which make these low-ranking functions to the cart solution, have to be included in the decision-making necessarily, so that subsequent manual adjustments can be avoided . Due to short-term planning such adjustments cause high costs in maintenance , as cart updates lead to recurring adjustments of the previously, manually adapted program code.

Ideal for third-party consultants

If you cooperate with external ecommerce consultants or agencies in the planning and implementation of your online store already, assign them to our comparison, so they really can take all proper shopping cart systems into consideration. However, agencies not infrequently favor certain “favorite shopping carts”, since they avoid the expense of a holistic manual comparison. However, our cart comparison provides them a quick and easy check of your needs. Conversely, you can check and understand the recommendations by your service provider or agency much better with the ecomparo comparison.

Whether a trade contractor or an e-commerce service provider uses the cart comparison, the certainty of selecting the optimum matching shopping cart plan increases significantly!

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 Individual Requirements ecomparo Shopsystem-Vergleich

Individual Requirements

There is no such thing as the „best shopping cart“. Background and objective of an online store differ from company to company.

Although there are many tempting simply sounding recommendations on the Web, a blanket statement about the currently best shop system, even if segmented in "large, medium and small online stores" is not possible. Every company has individual requirements and thus needs fitting e-commerce store solutions. Our comparison provides you with the opportunity to address these needs.

Companies differ - Overview:

  • Markets (Germany, Austria, Europa, USA, Asia)
  • Required cart features
  • Necessary interfaces to existing company software
  • Range of products (services, virtual or physical products)
  • Value of goods
  • Revenue measures of the company
  • Visitor numbers and target groups
  • and many more…

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Avoid interface problems with ecomparo

Inclusion of Interfaces

Where existing software products of companies were hardly considered in the decision process for a new ecommerce software a few years ago, an increasing holistic view of e-commerce processes of companies gains attention. This must be taken into account when choosing the right shopping cart software.

Importance of Interfaces

Some "big" ecommerce suites resolve any requirements for interfaces by integrating almost all business processes into their cart solution. Nevertheless, these ecommerce solutions are not entirely without interfaces to other existing rudimentary software programs. In return, the existence of store solutions with more manageable scope of supply for certain scenarios is justified, as order processing software is becoming increasingly important, being pushed into the limelight of e-commerce by a high number of flexible interfaces. The compatibility of shopping carts and ERP and order processing solutions can also be ensured in our cart comparison within a very short time.

Below you will find a number of interface groups whose connection can be compared in the shopping cart comparison:

  • Payment Provider
  • Shipping Services
  • Fulfilment
  • ERP systems (Lexware, SAP, SAGE, AFS Kaufmann, etc.)
  • Order Processing Systems
  • Price comparison portals
  • Buyer Protection Provider
  • and many more...

Potential for Automation

To carry out deliveries of goods or services in online trading more than one of the above mentioned interfaces is required. In order to achieve and attain the desired economies of scale in online trading, a meaningful level of automated interfaces and functions must be ensured at the beginning of the design phase.

Manual implementations of interfaces

Although missing interfaces can be created by using mostly existing APIs, the anticipated costs of adaptation and maintenance is disproportionately large in contrast to already integrated interfaces.
In-house adaptations of third party software such as shopping cart software should really only be carried out when all other solutions fail because this kind of adjustments in most cases do not represent strategic successful solutions.

By using the ecomparo shopping cart comparison you pay - with ease - attention to ALL required interfaces.

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Free initial consulting

Depending on the bought access, a free initial consultation to issues emerging of the shopping cart comparision is included to familiarize you with the full scope of services of ecomparo.

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A new approach

In addition, you can make yourself a more detailed impression of the modified approach to design of an ecommerce store using our comparison, which means a great saving of time.