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Why ecomparo?

Ecommerce would be so easy if the selection, combination and implementation of individual onlinestore components that are necessary for a long-term successful online store, wasn't this complicated. At this point it's ecomparo to essentially facilitate the decision-making process and selection of the appropriate shopping cart software for a variety of companies.


Who is ecomparo?

ecomparo is a service of HOWADO GmbH and is the leading address for incipient and established onlineshop owners, retailers, manufacturers or web agencies in all matters relating to shopping cart software. The focus of the since 2012 developed ecomparo comparison matrix is next to a widest possible market overview of the various shopping carts, especially on the usability optimized comparison process that enables a fast and comprehensive comparison of potentially suitable shopping carts.


Alexander Hofmann ecomparo

Alexander Hofmann
Founder & Managing Director

"When we examined the shopping cart market back in 2012 to find the suitable software for our purposes, we were overwhelmed by the information in the form of blog posts and advertisements of shopsoftware vendors who all claimed for themselves to be the best shopping cart. Unfortunately "free" consultations didn't bring us closer to the appropriate cart solution.

Since the entire process of the Onlinstore development is rarely present (once at a time), we were dependent largely on google searches and live previews of shop systems, which, unfortunately, despite the enormous time required due to the amount of potential shop systems, remained incomplete.
Even agencies usually have detailed knowledge of only a maximum of 3 shopping carts and only suggested outweigh their "hobby horse".

As a consequence, the ecommerce information portal ecomparo was born & created with the objective of providing transparency and overview of the different systems. It is now possible to quickly answer even complex requirements to existing interfaces (logistics, inventory management , price comparison portals , marketplaces , etc.).

By our individual consulting we receive no commission and, therefore open source carts are also taken into account on ecomparo next to free WordPress extentions. Thus, the danger to overlook a suitable shop system is averted.

Tobias Walbert ecomparo

Tobias Walbert
Founder & Managing Director

"From many years of experience, I know what our customers want and just the introduction to search for information about matching shopping cart software resembled been looking for a needle in a haystack.
With ecomparo we now give merchants the opportunity to obtain all information and differences of over more than 160 cart tariffs in a rapid and systematic way and to compare them sorted.

The definition of onlinestore features-requirements involves enormous cost risk due to the mostly INCOMPLETE definition. Later feature requests almost always lead to significant additional costs. By our comparison process merchants avoid missing requirements and increase the predictability of their ecommerce project.

Whether you create your first online shop, looking for a cart with special functions due to strong sales growth, or expand your pure stationary trading company to an online store, ecomparo delivers you the individually needed information in a clear and efficient manner. In our blog you further more will find valuable tips and hints which completes the cart comparison."

ecomparo - research database

The extensive shop providers database for ecommerce executives (from a one-man business to mediumsized ecommerce companies, manufacturers up to web agencies) offers comprehensive research tools, providing the maximum transparency in the decision-making process for the individually best ecommerce solution. The associated longterm commitment to a cart vendors ist thus as transparent , logical and sustainable as possible.