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Packlink Pro

With Packlink PRO you can save valuable time and money across the entire shipping process. This professional shipping solution offers business customers an easy way to compare shipping prices from reputable providers and to book them directly – both for national and international shipments. You simply need to enter the destination, dimensions and weight of the shipment in the shipping calculator to determine the best rate. Alternatively you can import your orders directly from the your ecommerce platform (for example, PrestaShop, Magento or Shopify) or upload them via .csv or .xls files. Whatever method you prefer, you benefit from a central management platform for all your shipments.  


About Packlink

Packlink was launched in 2012 as a comparison and booking platform for shipping with discounted rates for private consumers and businesses. Along with the rise of ecommerce, Packlink has continued to grow rapidly and it is now active in several European markets. Packlink offers more that 300 shipping services as well as providing SaaS offerings for service small and medium-sized enterprises. In doing so Packlink is helping to save both consumer and business customers valuable time and money related to shipping their goods. Packlink’s aspiration is to make shipping simple and transparent for all customers and to all destinations.


Link: packlinkpro.de